About Telconewsletters

This portal is created for users and marketeers comfortability.

For Readers – Telecommunication proffesionals

If you are interested in the Telecommunication you don’t have to subscribe to hundreds of newsletters with a risk of sharing your email address with third party companies. We get newsletters from about 105 sources – we filter them to publish valuable ones only.

For Telco Marketers and companies

If you are working as marketeer or/and you are responsive for email marketing in your company – please make sure we are subscribed  to your list. Your monthly/weekly/daily newsletters will be published on our portal and presented to wider audience.

We know how hard work needs to be done to prepare newsletter – we value this work and make it visible forever!

Why to submit your newsletter to us?

– You get more newsletter usability
– You get links to your page
– You get new subscribers
– You get feedback from your audience through comments

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