Enrich Customer Experience, Increasing Overall Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

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Utilize WebRTC to Enrich Customer Experience, Increasing Overall Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty


Attend The Real Time Web Session Discussion: Best Practices in Enriching Customer Engagement with WebRTC and Mobile Technology


The bulk of WebRTC development has historically focused on helping companies lower expenses and increase productivity for their call centers and support agents. This session flips that around and focuses on the opportunities to utilize WebRTC to enrich the customer experience, increasing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Based on primary research and customer interviews, we will share our findings about the specific needs, requirements, and use-cases that companies are looking for in customer-facing WebRTC solutions. During the talk, we will also share best practices on integrating WebRTC and mobile technologies to address some of the key challenges including quality-of-service, security, and privacy.

Additional Real Time Web Applications Track Sessions Include:

  • Choosing Your Paradigm
    Communications used to be represented by a simple phone call. Today, communications can be a session, a room, a conference, or a totally mechanism. This session will focus on how to use the Real Time capabilities in your app and which is the best paradigm for your users to understand and use.
  • Should You Deliver a Platform?
    Considering a Real Time capability in an applications or business presents the option to have your solution be a platform for other to develop value on top of. This session will examine the challenges and value of delivering a platform with APIs and SDKs for developers.
  • Enterprise Options
    For enterprises the option of using a defined general purpose communications platform such as Spark or Skype for Business versus a customized WebRTC based implementation is an option. Tis session will examine the limitations and advantages of using one of these solutions for your real time capabilities.
  • The Sum of the Parts is Much Greater: WebRTC’s Role in the Next Wave of Disruption
    The session will focus on the premise that WebRTC is a technology that is best positioned as one of many enabling technologies that needs to be combined with others to achieve its full potential. The presentation will outline other emerging technologies and how WebRTC can be used to create a disruptive solution. The session will provide examples of companies working on the next wave of digital disruption with a specific focus around how WebRTC is and could be used.
  • Enhancing Financial Services with the Real Time Web
    A number of Financial Services companies and applications have deployed a real-time Web capability. This session will examine some of those deployments and how they were defined and the decisions that were made to deliver the solution. Also the impact and adoption of these new capabilities wil be discussed.
  • Using the real Time Web for Communications Enabled Business Processes
    For a number of years Unified Communications has promised not only to enhance communications and collaboration for Knowledge Workers through integration with their productivity apps, but also to enable using communications and collaboration to transform formal business processes from order entry to operations. However, these integrations have proved to be very complex and hard to implement. The real Time Web opens the door to using web APIs and mash up technologies to achieve this integration. This session will examine how these technologies will change business processes.
  • Transforming Health Care with the Real time Web
    E-health is a domain where complex information needs to be exchanged instantly in a universal and ubiquitous way. The specificities of health-care in terms of security, auditability, interoperability and reliability make inappropriate many of the off-the-shelf solutions available in the market. This makes necessary the creation of specific developments that may generate cost-adoption barriers. This session will examine real life experiences delivering health care solutions using WebRTC and the Real Time Web.
  • Remote Learning with the Real Time Web
    The real Time Web is changing the way education is done. This session will examine new applications using the Real time web for distance learning and advanced education. This session will examine how the Real Time Web is opening new doors and transforming the educations experience.

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