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Learn About Virtual Video Transcoding in the Cloud

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ControlSafe platform Find out how networks are reducing capex by up to 83% and power consumption overheads by up to 91%.

Jointly authored by experts at Artesyn, Dell and Intel, this white paper presents the market drivers behind the need for an accelerated video cloud and discusses the implications of technologies such as OpenStack and other open source platforms in the context of a move towards SDN/NFV network architectures.

Real-life example applications then give context to the performance and financial benefits outlined in the conclusion:

  • Next-day OTT content delivery
  • Real-time broadcast ABR transcoding
Download this white paper today to learn more about the accelerated video cloud and what it means for you

Artesyn SharpStreamer add-in card

Artesyn has also published these solution briefs to help you understand key trends in the broadcast and streaming market (direct download, no registration required)

Are You Ready?
4K HEVC/H.265 is Coming

4K/HEVC Solution Brief

Maximum Flexibility
and Density for Video Applications

Maximum Flexibility and Density for Video Applications

Game-changing Live/VoD Density

SharpStreamer Mini

To date there have been limited choices to meet the needs of video processing developers in the broadcast and streaming markets.

However, media networks must evolve quickly to meet the quality and density demanded by consumers.

Artesyn has combined the latest Intel® processors – for linear and multi-screen transcoding and encoding capability – with the universally-deployable PCI Express form factor to speed you to market:

  • With the highest-density solution
  • Without the burden of high fixed costs
  • With no compromise in quality.

And you have the flexibility to deploy on your existing servers or use a fully integrated server from Artesyn, with acceleration built-in.

SharpStreamer Pro

SharpStreamer Pro add-in card

Artesyn’s SharpStreamer Pro PCIE-7210 high-performance video accelerator enables service provider networks to offer HEVC video transcoding services quickly and dynamically.

Through its support of Intel® Xeon® processors based on the Skylake microarchitecture, the SharpStreamer Pro card offers a significant performance and functionality boost in a standard PCI Express form factor for compatibility with industry-standard servers.

MaxCore Platform

MaxCore Platform

The Artesyn MaxCore platform offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and media processing density.

Through its use of Artesyn technology microserver cards, Artesyn media processing PCI Express cards and 3rd party PCI Express cards, it offers maximum flexibility, maximum density per rack unit, and unmatched innovation in design for broadcast, streaming and communications applications.

SharpStreamer Mini

SharpStreamer Mini

Artesyn’s SharpStreamer Mini PCIE-7205 add-on card brings the benefits of accelerated high density video transcoding and multiscreen delivery enjoyed by content owners, broadcasters and service provider networks to smaller single instance OTT appliance deployments, network DVR applications, video on demand hospitality servers, video surveillance security systems and streaming education servers.

About Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Artesyn technology enables broadcast, networking and content providers to simplify and accelerate high density hosted or virtualized multiscreen video infrastructure in the cloud. Operators can also decrease the cost of OTT video in their networks and increase the profitability and efficiency of real-time communications, including WebRTC and VoLTE. Building on the acquired heritage of industry leaders such as Motorola Computer Group and born from Emerson’s Embedded Computing business, Artesyn has over 20,000 employees worldwide across ten engineering centers of excellence, four world-class manufacturing facilities, and global sales and support offices.

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